Brenda e Iván: A Vintage Cartagena Wedding

1_Mi Boda En Cartagena

We want to share this about our ceremony:  Our ceremony was everything we imagined, a traditional catholic wedding with the most important people in our lives. I always imagined getting married in the same church I did my first communion and my husband didn’t hesitate for a second before saying yes to the idea. We incorporated Mexican traditions which made it a total living of a dream, the best moment that we could have ever experience.

2_Mi Boda En Cartagena

We want to share this about our reception:  It was the best party I have every attended, full of happiness, great people, energy, lots of love , the best music, drinks … It was just an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME! Ivan’s family had a blast and they loved the “hora loca” it was a little bit of the Colombian culture that they could not leave without seeing and I think if any of them get married they would totally use something like it. We also had mariachis which showed the mexican culture and made the night romantic and exotic.

4_Mi Boda En Cartagena

What made our wedding unforgettable?:  The feeling that everyone that was there that day enjoyed it as much as we did, that they lived and shared our love.

What three adjectives best describe our wedding?  Magical, Espectacular, Incredible

What style had our wedding?:  It was a little bit of vintage, mexican and of course with a lot of colombian flavor.

How did we incorporate our style and personalities into our wedding?:  We used our mexican/colombian traditions and also we put our essence into all the little details of the wedding; from the colors, napkins, place cards, guestbooks to even the food we chose.

What wedding traditions did you incorporated into your wedding? (and what did they mean to you):  To add the mexican flavor;  we used “El Lazo” this symbolizes the forever binding of love and marriage, we also had “las arras” which consists of the groom giving the bride 13 gold coins that represent they 12 apostles and the 13th is Christ and this is my husbands pledge of his ability to support and care for me for the rest of our lives together. Last but not least we made our own little ritual which was for Ivan to give Julian my son a necklace with both Ivan and I initials representing that he is taking him into his life as his own to care and to love for the rest of his life.

3_Mi Boda En Cartagena

What was your first dance and how did we choose the song?:  Our first dance was “make you feel my love by Adele”; this song was chosen because it was a song that kept us together during our distanced relationship due to Ivan’s work and we were able to create a magical day by only communicating through the internet; by listening to this song it made us feel closer to one another.

7_Mi Boda En Cartagena

What are the moments or memories that we love the most about our wedding?

For me (Brenda) it was the first dance; it was the first chance that whole day that I had to be in his arms, I finally got to hold him close as his wife.

For Ivan it was when he was at the altar waiting for me and saw me come in the church and also the first dance which at this time he gave me a little “coupon” I had given him months back that said that from that day one we would be sharing our lives together.

Our biggest challenge:  Planning a long distance wedding was challenging, not being able to see what you were going to get or see if it was even close to what you wanted; most times pictures do not show everything how is supposed to but I am very glad to say that we got the best help to deal with all of this!

Our Favorite moment:  Our favorite moment was when we left the church as a married couple =)

Wedding color palette?:  Shades of purple mainly eggplant, Blush or a old rose, and off whites.

What was your favorite detail?:  I would have to say that our guestbook was unique; we had the pieces of a game “Jenga” for everyone to sign their name. Now we play it and can remember that day like it was yesterday.

5_Mi Boda En Cartagena

What were your wedding highlights?:  My dress not zipping up! This had to be the wedding highlight because I think we were prepared for anything but that, moments before our “couple pictures”  I could not get into my dress; I thought I was not going to make it to the church but thanks to Itala I was able to calm down, relax and see it as a moment that I would remember forever!

8_Mi Boda En Cartagena

Was there anything you thought was going to be a total disaster but that unexpectedly turned out great? (or what worried you most):  This had to be the chair covers! I had an idea for my chair covers that I thought no one would be able to reproduce, not that it was this impossible thing but living in the USA some things are just a little different from your home country.. and this was definitely one of them; glad to say that they did a great job and I LOVED how they looked.

6_Mi Boda En Cartagena

Our wedding day advice for other couples currently planning their wedding:  RELAX RELAX RELAX… everything turns out great even with the tiny little errors that you may encounter, its just a tiny addition to GREAT experience

What was the most important thing you learned from your wedding? (or the planning process):  We definitely learned to listen to each other and to try to see each others views and perspectives on things; something that one may think is important another may not take it so seriously. We learned to have fun planning something and that everything should show who you are, your personality and your love for it.

What were the top three priorities for you in planning your wedding?:  Culture incorporation, budget and to make sure we had a wonderful experience.

In your opinion, what is one vendor/service no wedding can be without?:  Definitely a wedding planner!



Brenda, Iván y Julián

¡ Gracias Iván, Brenda y Julián !

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