Shall We Walk? Shall We Dance?

the girls are ready !!!    the boys are ready !!!

mi boda en cartagena 1

everybody is ready !!!

mi boda en cartagena 2

so happy you got married in Cartagena guys!

what do you say,  Shall We Walk?  Shall We Dance?

mi boda en cartagena 3

… we Shall Walk And Dance !!!

mi boda en cartagena 4

mi boda en cartagena 5

… and now we are here! the first stop!

mi boda en cartagena 6

time to go!  pssst, we shall do it again guys!  Dale!!!

mi boda en cartagena 7

mi boda en cartagena 8

mi boda en cartagena 9

…and now let’s…

mi boda en cartagena 10

” We had a great time and the guests were truly astounded not only by the wedding, but also by Cartagena.

Thank you Itala!  We could not have done it without you! “

¡ Thanks Julie and Alvaro !

mi boda en cartagena 11



by Elysium Productions

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