Jimmy and Lily’s Fairy-tale Paradise, our wedding in Cartagena

One year have past since Lily and Jimmy’s wedding in Cartagena. It’s their anniversary and they wanted to “be present” -as they always are in my heart-, by sending this lovely post to recap their special day…

Ohhh, what a wonderful moment, but most of all,



Cheers to Liliana and James!!!…

YOU ARE THE ONES who will always have a special place in our hearts!


See L&J’s wedding at https://vimeo.com/103071206 and https://vimeo.com/103077212

Lily & Jimmy

mi boda en cartagena 1

What are the moments or memories that we love the most about our wedding?

The balance between the romantic parts (church and first dance) and the party parts! It was perfectly balanced so that our guests did not get bored, and we ended up having a blast!

I love the fact that we both said our vows in both English and Spanish. It was my favorite moment.

mi boda en cartagena 2

Our biggest challenge

Our biggest challenge was keeping track of 50 Americans during an entire week in Cartagena. Luckily Itala helped us plan several different activities to keep everyone busy!

What three adjectives best describe our wedding?

Fantasy-like, fun and romantic.

mi boda en cartagena 3 mi boda en cartagena 4

Our favorite moment

Saying the vows in both English and Spanish and hearing everyone be impressed when Jimmy spoke in Spanish!

mi boda en cartagena 5

… about our ceremony

Father Enán was wonderful, and understood that we needed to have a bilingual wedding in order to please both sides of the families. The ceremony was a perfect length and the venue was the right size to fit our guests, and allow enough airflow so that we didn’t miss the AC.

mi boda en cartagena 6

Our funniest moment

When my father gave his speech and told Jimmy that the return policy was “no returns”.

mi boda en cartagena 7

What was your favorite detail?

The food and the lighting. The lighting was perfect to our wedding color palette in white, ivory, and coral/pink.

mi boda en cartagena 8

mi boda en cartagena 9

… about the reception

Our reception was the best time we have ever had in our lives. The service was amazing, the food was unbelievable, and the way that Itala and her team planned the timeline of different activities felt very natural and hassle-free. Many of our guests have told us that it was the best reception they have attended.

What made our wedding unforgettable?

The fact that we were able to bring together so many different people from our lives and take them to the magical Cartagena. Nobody wanted to miss out! We felt so lucky that we were able to celebrate with our friends and family in such a great atmosphere, that was just as romantic and intimate for Jimmy and I.

mi boda en cartagena 10

mi boda en cartagena 11

What style had our wedding?

Classic romance followed by a carnival party.

mi boda en cartagena 12mi boda en cartagena 13

What wedding traditions or cultural traditions did you incorporated into your wedding? 

We did the crazy hour (hora loca) at the end of the night, as well as traditional speeches and first dance. The first dance was very important because we debated over what song to pick for about one year until my husband finally picked “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. The “hora loca” was very important to me so that my husband and his family saw what it was like to be from Barranquilla.

mi boda en cartagena 14 mi boda en cartagena 15 mi boda en cartagena 16

How did we incorporate our style and personalities into our wedding?

The music really went towards our personalities. There was a little bit of American rock, pop, and country music, as well as a little bit of Colombian salsa, merengue and carnival music.

mi boda en cartagena 17 mi boda en cartagena 18

mi boda en cartagena 19

Was there anything you thought was going to be a total disaster that unexpectedly turned out great?

I was afraid that the cake was not going to be pretty due to several discrepancies in the planning process. It ended up being just fine.

mi boda en cartagena 20

Our wedding day advice for other couples currently planning their wedding

Enjoy it because it goes really fast! Remember to dance, since you will never have enough time to have a meaningful conversation with every single guest!

mi boda en cartagena 21

mi boda en cartagena 22

What were the top three priorities for you in planning your wedding?

Communication with Itala so that she understood my vision, making sure that in addition to making it perfect for us, it would be fun for our guests that were traveling a long way to join us, and that we stayed within budget while still obtaining my vision.

In your opinion, what is one vendor/service no wedding can be without?

A wedding planner. Could not have done it without her. Seriously. 100% worth it.

mi boda en cartagena 23

¡ Thank You Liliana & James, and Happy Anniversary !

mi boda en cartagena 24

El equipo de proveedores:

Wedding Planner en Cartagena:  Itala Vásquez, Mi Boda En Cartagena
Ceremonia:  Iglesia San Pedro Claver
Recepción:  Casa Conde de Pestagua
Fotografía y Video:  Manuel Pedraza
Flores y Decoración:  Floristería Florarte
Catering:  Adriana Santos, Catering + Eventos
Torta y Postres:  Margarita Saieh de Jassir
Música Ceremonia:  Felipe Madariaga Musicalizaciones
Música Recepción y Producción:  Playa Producciones

Peinado y Maquillaje:  Carlos Torres

Fotos: Manuel Pedraza| Website: http://www.pedrazaproducciones.com | E-mail: fotografia@pedrazaproducciones.com

Wedding Planner: Itala Vásquez | Website: http://www.mibodaencartagena.com | E-mail: itala@mibodaencartagena.com

Ceremonia: Iglesia San Pedro Claver  |  Recepción: Hotel Sofitel Santa Clara



E-mail me and I will be your Wedding Planner in Cartagena: mibodaencartagena@gmail.com

Escríbeme y seré tu Organizadora de Bodas en Cartagena: mibodaencartagena@gmail.com

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