Lyssa and Josh’s Dream – Our Cartagena Wedding

Lyssa & Joshua


Our video clip

What are the moments or memories that we love the most about our wedding?

The balance between the romantic parts (church and first dance) and the party parts! It was perfectly balanced so that our guests did not get bored, and we ended up having a blast!



One favorite moment?

I love the fact that we both said our vows in both English and Spanish. It was my favorite moment.

4_wedding-planner-cartagena 5_mi-boda-en-cartagena

We want to share this about our ceremony (or ceremony venue)

What an incredible church. The two of us were speechless. It was the beautiful setting you wish for, made a reality.



We want to share this about our reception (or reception venue)

All you want to do is re-live it. Inside Casa Conde de Pestagua was like a dream. The lights, beautiful layout, landscaping, catering displays, cake, tables… but, most importantly, the people, made it a very special place indeed. At times we just had to stop and take it all in. Thanks to Itala, Playa Producciones and everyone who had a hand in creating the perfect environment for us.



What made our wedding unforgettable?

The people and their genuine love for just being there with us to celebrate.


8_bodas-cartagena 9_wedding-planner-cartagena



What three adjectives best describe our wedding?

Magical. Unforgettable. Perfect.


How did we incorporate our style and personalities into our wedding?

We wanted it to be colorful but classic at the same time. We decided we would like the men to put on suits rather than guayaveras and it just so happened that most girls/women wore beautiful colors. Lyssa’s dress was stunning, soft and incredibly beautiful – just like her.

12_organizadora-boda-cartagena.JPG 13_bodas-cartagena

What was your first dance, and how did you choose the song?

1000 Years by Christina Perri. We both find a lot of romance in the song. The way Lyssa sings along always gets me too – Josh

14_wedding-planner-cartagena 15_mi-boda-en-cartagena 16-wedding-planner-bodas-cartagena

What are the moments or memories that we love the most about our wedding?

The excitement of the morning.


Seeing one another in the church for the first time.

18_bodas-cartagena 19_wedding-planner-cartagena

Having all of our friends and family join us on the dance floor with big smiles on their faces after the first dance and bride-father/groom-mother dances.


Hora loca!


Just being at the perfect venue.


Our funniest moment

The ‘Colombianos vs. Foreigners’ dance battle to the tune of ‘Ras Tas Tas’ salsa. Colombianos with the win by default due to Ramon’s suspenders – a fashion infringement, apparently.

23_bodas-cartagena 24_wedding-planner-cartagena 25_mi-boda-en-cartagena 26-wedding-planner-bodas-cartagena 27_organizadora-boda-cartagena.JPG 28_bodas-cartagena

See the dance ‘Ras Tas Tas’

(made famous by Colombia’s Soccer Team during the World Cup 2014)

¡ Thank you Lyssa & Joshua !


Fotos: Miguel Torres| Website: | E-mail:

Wedding Planner: Itala Vasquez | Website: | E-mail:

Ceremonia y Recepción: Iglesia Santo Domingo, Casa Conde de Pestagua,

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

El equipo de proveedores:

Wedding Planner en Cartagena:  Itala Vásquez, Mi Boda En Cartagena
Fotografía y Video:  MAT Fotografía
Flores y Decoración:  Florarte Decoraciones
Catering:  Adriana Santos Catering
Torta:  Elsy de Figueroa
Música Ceremonia:  Felipe Madariaga Musicalizaciones

Música Cocktail:  Miro Pablo
Música Recepción y Producción:  Playa Producciones

Hora Loca: Ballet Ekobios

Peinado y Maquillaje:  Diego Moya

Post by Itala Vasquez

Wedding Planner Cartagena


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