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As soon as he proposes and suddenly you are engaged and have a fiancé -almost as a new social status-,

it is a must to start looking for the ceremony venue. In the case of Catholic ceremonies in Cartagena,

is mandatory to perform them in a church, so today we are going shopping!

With this information, I hope you can do what we do to buy something we have going around in our mind

-at least what most women and I do: look, study, compare, look again, and then decide.

The beautiful Cartagena is the most important tourist city in Colombia and is equipped with a

variety of churches within and outside the Walled City, where couples can find the kind of style they dream

 and the closest to them to give a special touch to their wedding ceremony:

colonial, baroque, republican architecture

… here to see the most desired ones for weddings in Cartagena.

Church of San Pedro Claver – Iglesia de San Pedro Claver

The cloisters and convents of the city enclose an unparalleled charm that takes us back to colonial times and slavery, where the San Pedro Claver is the most important of all. This church and convent of baroque portal are the largest and most beautiful in the area; was built in the early eighteenth century and is where lived and died San Pedro Claver, the “slave of slaves” or “Apostle of the slaves”, dedicated to him on the last century on the occasion of his beatification. Contains under the main altar, in an urn, half of the remains of the saint, who for 40 years defended and evangelized the African slaves who arrived by thousands for the construction of the walls and forts. The other half of his body is in the Vatican. The present Church of San Pedro Claver, which was first named San Ignacio de Loyola, and after San Juan de Dios, was inspired by the Temple of Jesus in Rome and is an essential scenario for travelers arriving in Cartagena.

Ceremony hours:  4:30 + 7:30 PM, 3:30 PM on Sundays
Approximate cost:  $2.500.000
Capacity:  400-500 people
Air Conditioning:  No

* It’s located inside the walled city, by Centro (downtown), in the Square of San Pedro Claver

Find out more:

Church of Santo Domingo – Iglesia de Santo Domingo

Located on the square of the same name, is one of the most important religious monuments of Cartagena and the first convent founded in the city by the Dominican Order in 1539. The temple is the oldest civil work and has a central nave and two aisles. At the right is a wooden altar, where is placed the miraculous image of Christ of the Expiration, carved in the late sixteenth century by a “mysterious being,” according to the legend. The twisted tower and buttresses that support the thrust of the structure are architectural peculiarities of the temple. By weak construction, during the last century were added great stands by the little side street, which since then is known as “Callejon de Los Estribos”. The facade of the church is composed of two covers and flanked by columns in coral stone, which is the most complete sample of local religious craft.

Ceremony hours:  3:30 + 6:30 + 8:00 PM
Approximate cost:  $2.500.000
Capacity:  250-300 people
Air Conditioning:  No

* It’s located inside the walled city, by Centro (downtown), in the Square of Santo Domingo

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Cathedral Church – Iglesia de la Catedral

The construction of this church, dedicated to St. Catherine of Alexandria (its full name is “Catedral Santa Catalina de Alejandria”), was in the late Sixteenth and early Eighteenth centuries. It is considered an analogy to the church of Santa María de Antequera in Andalusia. Its understated design style corresponds to medieval Spanish and was conducted in coral stone and mortar. The interior has three naves and is breathtaking; this highlights the two rows of cylindrical columns and the robust high altar that shows a beautiful colonial craft, made of wood gilded and colored marble pulpit, with elaborate carvings. The facade has a great artistic interest, was unfortunately plastered, and the old “Holy Stones” (Santos de Piedra – which gave name to the street) were removed from their niches and placed in an interior wall. In the exterior stands the bell tower of elegant Florentine style, which was built in the late nineteenth century, and in the southeast corner of the cathedral, a curious sundial, probably contemporary of the metropolitan church.

Ceremony hours:  3:30 + 5:00 + 7:30 PM
Approximate cost:  $2.500.000
Capacity:  500-600 people
Air Conditioning:  No

* It’s located inside the walled city, by Centro (downtown), in the Square of La Proclamacion.

Find out more:

Church of Santo Toribio – Iglesia de Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo

It is the parish church of the colonial district of San Diego and makes an angle with the square dedicated to the hero Fernandez de Madrid. His full name is “Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo” and it is another authentic sample of religious architecture dating back to 1665. Although small proportions, is cozy and beautiful inside, and for the beauty and warmth of its architecture, is a favorite for celebrations of marriages of distinguished people of Colombia and the world. Highlighted is the beautiful craftsmanship of the high altar, carved in black lacquer and covered in gold foil. Art can also be admired in the two fonts of holy water and the sink in the sacristy, carved alabaster pieces in Sevillian Renaissance style. As a curiosity, the cannonball embedded in its “Wall of the Gospel”, was fired by a ship of the fleet of Admiral Vernon in the assault he did on Cartagena, and caused no damage to the structure.

Ceremony hours:  4pm, 5pm, 7pm, 8pm

Approximate cost:  $2.500.000
Capacity:  160-200 people
Air Conditioning:  Yes

* It’s located inside the walled city, by San Diego (neighborhood’s name inside downtown, in the Square Fernandez Madrid.

Find out more:

Ermita de El Cabrero – Hermitage of El Cabrero

This church is known as “Ermita de El Cabrero” but its full name is Church of Maria de las Mercedes. Located in the Apollo Park outside the Walled City -but only four minutes away- in the neighborhood of the same name (Cabrero). It was built by Rafael Nuñez for his wife Soledad Román could pray quietly as in other churches she was not allowed to enter or was subject to all sorts of criticism. The reason was that she had married a divorced man as was Rafael Nuñez and that was quite a scandal in nineteenth-century Cartagena society. In the chapel, on both sides of the altar, there are two mausoleums where lie both their remains. He was a writer, poet, four times president of the Republic, and author of the national anthem of Colombia.

Ceremony hours:  4pm, 7pm
Approximate cost:  $2.500.000
Capacity:  60-70 people
Air Conditioning:  Yes

* Not Colonial but Republican style.

*** It’s located outside but very close to the walled city, by El Cabrero (neighborhood’s name)

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3 – Church of San Pedro Claver – Iglesia de San Pedro Claver

13 – Church of Santo Domingo – Iglesia de Santo Domingo

14 – Cathedral Church – Iglesia de la Catedral

20 – Church of Santo Toribio – Iglesia de Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo

32 – Ermita de El Cabrero – Hermitage of El Cabrero

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